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by John Adler, Publisher

President Andrew Johnson announced his Reconstruction plan in late May 1865 when Congress was in recess. His policies included an amnesty proposal under which he was empowered to pardon former high-ranking Confederate officials. The following illustrations and editorials respond to Johnson’s new policies.

Articles related to Johnson's Early Presidency:
President Johnson’s Amnesty Proclamation
June 10, 1865, page 355

Pardon-Seekers at the White House
October 14, 1865, page 641

General Logan upon Reorganization
September 20, 1865, page 611

The President’s Experiment
September 30, 1865, page 610

Moses and John Tyler
October 7, 1865, page 627

The President’s Fidelity
December 9, 1865, page 771

The President’s "Friends"
November 4, 1865, page 691


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