The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
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Andrew Johnson


The Impeachment Managers
March 21, 1868

Cabinet Members
William Seward, Secretary of State
Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War
Gideon Welles, Secretary of Navy


Acting Secretary of War
Ulysses S. Grant
Lorenzo Thomas


Johnson Opponents
James Ashley, Representative
Wendell Phillips
Charles Sumner, Senator


House Impeachment Managers
John Bingham
George Boutwell
Benjamin Butler
John Logan
Thaddeus Stevens
Thomas Williams
James Wilson


Johnson Defenders
James Brooks, Representative
Alexander Stephens


Johnson Defense Counsel
William Evarts, (Attorney General, 1868-69)
Henry Stanbery (Attorney General, 1866-68)


Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Salmon Chase


Senate President Pro Tem
Benjamin Wade


Senate Opponents of Removal
William Fessenden
James Grimes
Lyman Trumbull


George William Curtis
John W. Forney
Thomas Nast

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